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Tag: puppeteer

How can I get the img src from this page with puppeteer?

I am trying to get some data from this wikipedia page: img src that I need I can get everything that I need except the img src with this code The error I am getting: Evaluation failed: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘src’) Answer You can wrap your record.image line in a conditional like this This will

Are v8’s optimizations deterministic? Extracting the sequence of JS functions executed by any given webpage

I am trying to reconstruct the exact sequence of executed Javascript functions (call graph) from log data gathered using the Tracing Profiler, particularly from the category “v8.cpu_profiler”. Unfortunately, the number of nodes (function definitions) and edges (function calls) I obtain fluctuates across runs even if I interact with the test Web application in exactly the same way. Currently, I use

Puppeteer , bringing back blank array

I’m trying to grab products from ebay and open them on amazon. So far, I have them being searched on amazon but I’m struggling with getting the products selected from the search results. Currently its outputting a blank array and im not sure why. Have tested in a separate script without the grabTitles and the for loop. So im guessing

Loop through pages to return all the product links

The goal is to obtain all product links from all pages in the pagination. So far I have managed to print information to the console with console.log (links). However, since I am completely new to this field and completely inexperienced, I have a problem how to pass some value back with the return command. return links. With console.log(links) I get