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Tag: puppeteer

How can I get the img src from this page with puppeteer?

I am trying to get some data from this wikipedia page: img src that I need I can get everything that I need except the img src with this code The error I am getting: Evaluation failed: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘src’) Answer You can wrap your record.image line in a conditional like this This will

Are v8’s optimizations deterministic? Extracting the sequence of JS functions executed by any given webpage

I am trying to reconstruct the exact sequence of executed Javascript functions (call graph) from log data gathered using the Tracing Profiler, particularly from the category “v8.cpu_profiler”. Unfortunately, the number of nodes (function definitions) and edges (function calls) I obtain fluctuates across runs even if I interact with the test Web application in exactly the same way. Currently, I use

Javascript don’t want to use await

I have an async function like that: When I call this method, I am calling it like that: It works well in this way. But I don’t want to use the await keyword when calling this method. If I remove the await keyword, it waits forever in this line: await page.setRequestInterception(true); It should work on the background I don’t want

Puppeteer , bringing back blank array

I’m trying to grab products from ebay and open them on amazon. So far, I have them being searched on amazon but I’m struggling with getting the products selected from the search results. Currently its outputting a blank array and im not sure why. Have tested in a separate script without the grabTitles and the for loop. So im guessing