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Tag: css-selectors

Applying CSS by Component’s displayName?

Calling all experts! I am trying to add a class to disable all element’s descendants to be read only, the style is fine, but it doesn’t applied to all descendants nor any: The element is a component that I want to have the above style by displayName as div id, like so: The output HTML: The final result should show

querySelector() where display is not none

I have a long list of <li> items I need to filter. I want the visible ones. Here’s an example hidden one: Those which are not hidden don’t have a display visible attribute, they just don’t have a style attribute at all. This gives me the opposite of what I want: How can I select based on style attribute does

How can I use document.querySelector to select this class name with a space in it?

I have been using But now, the class name has changed: there’s a space and some new text in the class name: How can I change el = document.querySelector(“.PrmryBtnMed”); to find the right class? I tried using el = document.querySelector(“.PrmryBtnMed.ApricotWheat”); but that didn’t work. Next, I tried to add a space (and escape using a backslash): el = document.querySelector(“.PrmryBtnMed ApricotWheat”);

Get CSS path from Dom element

I got this function to get a cssPath : But i got something like this : html > body > div#div-id > > div.clearfix > ul.choices > li But to be totally right, it should look like this :html > body > div#div-id > > div.clearfix > ul.choices > li:nth-child(5) Did someone have any idea to implement it

Select Element By CSS style (all with given style)

Is there a way to select all elements that have a given style using JavaScript? Eg, I want all absolutely positioned elements on a page. I would assume it is easier to find elements by style where the style is explicitly declared: the style is non-inherited (such as positioning) the style is not the default (as would be position:static). Am