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Tag: performance

How to use the `PerformanceNavigationTiming` API to get page load time?

I am trying to to use the PerformanceNavigationTiming API to generate a page load metric. The MDN API document linked above says that the PerformanceEntry.duration should give me what I need because it: [r]eturns a timestamp that is the difference between the PerformanceNavigationTiming.loadEventEnd and PerformanceEntry.startTime properties. However, when I check this property, I get simply 0. I’m accessing this API

How to speed up surprisingly slow Google Sheets Apps Script functions that copy formulas from one column to newly inserted column

I have a workbook with multiple sheets, and the main sheet has 123 rows and 90 columns currently. I’ve coded the following functions (which work) to define an onChange event handler for the INSERT_COLUMN event that automatically populates the cells of the newly-inserted column with the contents of the column immediately to the left. Then it deletes the values of

JS How can I increase the performance of this Max/Min coding challenge?

I’m trying to solve some ‘’ coding challenges. I’m stuck on this one: You will be given an array of integers arr and a single integer k. You must create an array arr’ of length k from elements of arr such that its unfairness is minimized. Unfairness is defined as max(arr’) – min(arr’) The function should return the minimum possible

How Can I integrate my Login Component in Navbar?(Code Attached)

I am a new programmer and I recently started following a music-player tutorial, and am experiencing a couple of issues with it. Project Overview: What I Have So Far: As previously described, it is a music-player project made with create-react-app. It has 4 playlists, persian, rock, turkish, and house, whom all have their separate route-able .js page. The app is structured