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Typescript: Define for JSON nested object

I have a nested json object and define a interface for it But when I use it. It appear a warning. What did I do wrong or missing? Answer You didn’t do anything wrong per se. TypeScript just cannot infer whether your menuPermissionForKey is a Menu object or a string array. Ideally, you’d define your Menu type more strictly. Barring

How to convert array into JavaScript object

I have an array like this (which is similar to a JSON array) of length n: I would like to convert it into a nested Object like so: Essentially, the object is categorised according to the categorynumber and then optionnumber. (Please keep the format of “Phrase 4” and “Phrase 5” in view.) Answer Reduce the dataset by accessing the categorynumber

Accessing nested arrays with dynamic depth via indices

I’m fairly new to typescript and I have some issues to access an object in array with dynamic depth. For example: To get Folder4 I’d use the dot notation like: this.folder[0].children[0].children[1] Now I was wondering, if there is a way to dynamicly access the object via the position array without iterating over the whole structure. I managed to get it