Can’t make new fetch request after aborting previous

I need to change a parameters that defines what data should come from my requests, also this application needs to refresh every fixed interval of time. If the user changes the parameter of interest in the middle of a previous refresh request things start to behave strange and some unexpected behavior occurs. So my approach was to abort all previous requests before starting the new ones, but after using await controller.abort() it seems that the next requests are never triggered, Do I need to clear the signal or something like that? What happens is that secondData always is undefined, actually

javascript async fetch function

I am trying to create a recursive function that sends a PUT request for every integer of a given array, and call another function at the end of it. But it seems that it calls the load_mailbox() function before fetching the last item of the array. I know that this should be better implemented using async / await. Can someone give an example of that to help me understand? UPDATE: It turns out that the code below is working Answer This is the correct code for async for..of loop However, this code does not work and causes infinity recursion 🙂

/Reactjs fetching bringing a 405 status code in browser

I am developing a react app over DHIS2 and data online that is structured like: I am trying to update the whole attributeValues Node. I’m using a fetch request, but getting 405 method not allowed What do you suppose i’m doing wrong. This is the fetch post request i wrote. If the question happens to be a duplication, please direct me to the possible already existing solution. Regards. Answer so the issue got resolved. I don’t know if its the DHIS2 system or something, but I can’t update just one node of an indicator, also because POST is for creating