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Tag: fetch

React rerender component on database change

Im trying to develop a dynamic todoList. I have two components TodoList, and Todo. TodoList fetches with useSWR the data from Mongo and puts the data in a div depending if they’re completed or not. Todo component has a button to mark if the task its completed or not. When you click the input check it changes automatically on mongo.

Trying to sort an API set by date range

Good day everyone, I’ve fetched this set of data from new york city’s open data API portal and am trying to sort all entries by endpoint inspection_date within the past two years. I’d also like to sort the results by the latest times first. However, I’m having trouble getting my endpoints to cooperate. I’ve read the API documentation several times

React returns several errors when I import fetch

I am building a simple app using React. The app works fine without any issue until I import fetch. Here is the code I ran: App.js Some of the errors returned are: What I tried to resolve the errors are: Trying to substitute fetch with axios. But it seems to return the same errors. Adding experiments: { topLevelAwait: true }

Fastest way to send 500 requests using JS

I need to write a function that fetches the rate limit test page 500 times with a 200 status code as fast as possible. Cloudflare will rate limit you if you make more than 10 requests within a minute to This is my code so far: Is there a better way of doing this and using setTimeOut? Answer 10

Why is fetch calling api multiple times in react?

I have a very basic api and all it does is return the text “Sunny day”. I create a react project using create react app and try to call the api once then printing result to the console. Here is the react app The problem is the api is getting called twice on page load Can anybody explain why? Answer

Elastic API doesn’t show all documents

i have elastic that i want to fetch the data from elastic with query, i have about 210 documents in the index, but when i tried to search with query match_all, the api only showing 7 documents and not all documents, is it possible to api showing all documents instead only show some documents. The query : The elastic API