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Tag: fetch

Fastest way to send 500 requests using JS

I need to write a function that fetches the rate limit test page 500 times with a 200 status code as fast as possible. Cloudflare will rate limit you if you make more than 10 requests within a minute to This is my code so far: Is there a better way of doing this and using setTimeOut? Answer 10

Elastic API doesn’t show all documents

i have elastic that i want to fetch the data from elastic with query, i have about 210 documents in the index, but when i tried to search with query match_all, the api only showing 7 documents and not all documents, is it possible to api showing all documents instead only show some documents. The query : The elastic API

Jest redux saga API call with response image

I’m trying to test a fetch that responds with a readable stream for an image, but I’m stuck and not sure how to approach this specific case. Is there a simple, easy way to mock the call’s response? Any help would be appreciated 😀 The generator function looks like the following: Answer You can use testing the saga generator function

Update DataTable when doing fetch call

This is the table i want to apply DataTable on : In my basic code, i have a dateRangePicker that displays the calendar, and based on the interval of dates chosen, there will be a fetch method to my server to fetch data from the database and display them in the table. The problem that i have is regarding the

Intercepting Fetch function – Request Headers

I am intercepting already intercepted fetch and I cannot read final request data (specifically request headers). By intercepting I mean wrapping original window.fetch() See comments below. Answer Okay, so once the window.Fetch is wrapped second time, then you cannot get the latest arguments before the actual request. It would be perfect to be able to make the first wrap, but