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Tag: loops

Plus point on each click

I am making a game with img´s each time that the user clic on the correct img win 100 points but i dont get the summations of the points i dont know why The final score still 0 HTML JS Answer I have made the finalScore as global variable and moved the logic to a function. It is working as

Looping through an array of objects and filter using a key

I have a nested array of objects as below I would like to loop through the array and get the address object corresponding to the firstName ‘Max’. I can use this data to generate links and their sublinks (on clicking the links) I have attempted the following Then But it returns undefined. How can solve it? Answer You should look

Looping elements in JSX React

In React.js documentation, I wonder how is used in JSX React. in <ul> tag, why we just put the variable listItems directly?. Because I think it will return a single array instead of <li> elements like this : how does JSX treat an array? Did I have to loop listItems manually? Thank you in advance. Answer you might want

Javascript: Object.keys(myarray).forEach vs myarray.forEach((obj) => {

Is there an alternative way of looping through my array of objects? it seems the engine version on the application im using is old and doesnt support myArray.forEach((obj) => { but this works on an single object array I think. Object.keys(myArray).forEach( {“jurisdiction”:”SCPB – LON”},{“firstName”:”David Dynamic”} Error produced by the webapp Also tried a loop to no avail. JST-310000 Error while