Material UI Date Picker Calendar Open Immediately On Page Render

I have a calendar from Material UI which only opens when I click on it so it starts like this And then opens to this Is there anyway I can have it so that it is immediately open as soon as the page …

Icon clicking to show the date

I am creating the input field to show the calendar date. Now I just only can click the input field to show the calendar date. Actually, I want to click the calendar icon to show the calendar date, …

On validation prevent calender control to open

I want to prevent open calendar control on save button at time of validation fire , I am not able to find how can I prevent It I have one calendar control in form , select date validation fire on save button after validation it will direct focus on calendar control and open calendar automatically , business don’t want to open calendar control HTML I want to prevent open calendar open on save button let me know if any solution over there Thank you Answer I have solve this issue to change in formValidation.JS In this file there is one

Javascript-generated .ics file opens in Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE

I’m generating a .ics calendar entry from JS, next I open it using a data-URI:“data:text/calendar;charset=utf8,” + escape(icsMSG)); Where “icsMSG” is the dynamically generated .ics file….