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Tag: calendar

Custom Calendar in JavaScript

Does anyone know how to create such a calendar. Or give advice where to dig. I will be glad for any help. (React.js project) Answer I found this solution and Also used I have one time this type of calendar I have shown the following calendar helps you I hope this reference helps you and check this Also

Icon clicking to show the date

I am creating the input field to show the calendar date. Now I just only can click the input field to show the calendar date. Actually, I want to click the calendar icon to show the calendar date, then the calendar date will show in the input field, not click the input field to show the calendar. Hope someone can

Javascript event listener problems

Supposing we have : When the calendar is updated, the event will not be replaced, so after a click event in the calendar, it will update one time but will not re-put the event listener provided by awesomeFunction. So what’s the problems ? Answer You can use event delegation: When you attach an event listener to an element, the listener

Get today coptic date

I’m looking to get coptic date of today with any code type like php or javascript to display coptic date to my site header. I need it in arabic or english. I have tried to find it, but didn’t found any thing like it in english. Reference: Answer Here is the extension of the DateTime class. Use