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Javascript – What is alternative to find function?

I am using find () function for one of my project. Official document says that Internet Explorer is not supported. What else can I use? Answer A polyfill is a code that provides the functionality that you normally expect the browser to provide you natively. Here is the polyfill for Array.find

Alternative version for Object.values()

I’m looking for an alternative version for the Object.values() function. As described here the function is not supported in Internet Explorer. When executing the following example code: It works in both, Firefox and Chrome, but throws the following error in IE11: Object doesn’t support property or method “values” Here you can test it: Fiddle. So, what would be a quick

How to load a script only in IE

I need a particular script to be triggered in Internet Explorer browsers Only! I’ve tried this: Unfortunately this actually stops the script from being loaded. EDIT: For everyone asking why I need this: IE makes scrolling extremely jumpy when using some animations. In order to address this I need to implement a script that provides smooth scrolling to IE. I