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Tag: numbers

Mapping Array in Javascript with sequential numbers

The following code: Creates the following Array: I just don’t understand why. I can’t find anything on the internet that explains this behavior. Does anyone know why this works the way it does? Perhaps a link to some documentation? AdvertisementAnswer creates an array of length 10 with all elements being undefined. will invoke for […]

JavaScript numbers to Words

I’m trying to convert numbers into english words, for example 1234 would become: “one thousand two hundred thirty four”. My Tactic goes like this: Separate the digits to three and put them on Array (…

Converting hexadecimal to float in JavaScript

I would like to convert a number in base 10 with fraction to a number in base 16. All is well there. Now I want to convert it back to decimal. But now I cannot write: As it doesn’t return the decimal part. And I cannot use parseFloat, since per MDC, the syntax of parseFloat is It wouldn’t have been

Comparing negative numbers in javascript

I’m sure this is a simple problem, but I’m comparing negative numbers in javascript i.e.: This script will always take action 2, even though num1 is less than num2. Whats going on here? Answer How does if (parseFloat(num1) < parseFloat(num2)) work? Maybe your numbers are turning into strings somewhere.