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ASP.NET JavaScript Always Shows Default Alert Message

Despite of JavaScript located in ASP.NET Core Page (cshtml), getting always a default message like “Changes Are Made…” from EDGE Browser (or CHROME is the same). Is there a way to use Custom Message? I have already seen similar questions in SO, but none of them supplies a solution… EDIT Browsers absolutely prevent User Custom Message, reasonably. Then decide when

Passing Object from ASP.Net to javascript

I have an ASP.Net Core application. I have a Class with some attributes: and in PageModel of Index.cshtml, I am creating on object of that class and setting it is a property: Now, in my Index.cshtml, I have some default html and then I add a script like this: <script type=”module” src=”~/built/script.js”></script> Finally, my question: I need the data that

Timer counter down in javascript (ASP.Net)

I use below code to make a timer counter down, the console log works well (10,9,8,…) but I can’t see the changes on the label Edit I use below code as mention in the answers too, but doesn’t work. Even the console log doesn’t work How can I fix this problem!? Answer Ok, the problem here is if you look

OnClick inside anything on Modal crash it

First of all, excuse me for my level of english and for beign baerly new on this. I have this, it is a modal with a 2 gridsviews, a textbox and three buttons as you can see. The table i am hidding has a list of information from a sql data base. Appears Modal Whenever i click on a function

how do path at the final url like this “~” [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 10 months ago. Improve this question what is code “~” from the end of this url ?, and what mean ? Answer Need more exemples in yout context, but in

DataTables Requested unknown parameter ‘PageId’

I am running into the following error trying to load DataTables Objects data ( Below is example json data I am recieving from my C# SchemaReport/GetReportJson controller and being used in JQuery ajax success callback to initialize my DataTables: DataTables HTML: JQuery ajax and DataTables init script: I noticed that after acknowledging the error DataTables loads as following and stating