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How to change the locale in Flowbite datepicker?

Unfortunately the Flowbite Datepicker Documentation has no instruction on how to use another locale, but the support is there. This is how I implemented the datepicker (working): and this is how I try to get the locale to work: But my modular Javascript understanding is too poor to get this right. This is the file to reference the original code.

Jquery Datepicker: date format is not working?

I am trying to display date in dd/mm/yyyy and the value should be store as yyyymmdd in a variable. dd/mm/yyyy is displayed correct but the value is not storing in format yyyymmdd it is showing as yyyymd like if I select 02/03/2022 it is storing as 202232 which is incorrect as it has to be store as 20220302. Answer You

jQuery Date Picker- Block a future date range

I have jQuery Date Picker on a Shopify store and have been having some issues trying to block out the upcoming range of dates from 24/12/2021 – 04/01/202 DD MM YY, we will not be operating on these days. Any advice would be very much appreciated, this is the script we are currently using. Answer You need to use beforeShowDay

JQUERY DATEPICKER – exclude Sundays, specific dates AND disable next day selection after 12pm

I’m hoping someone here can help me with the following: – Currently, I have the following script for my datepicker snippet where I have excluded Sundays. I would like to add the following conditions: – Exclude multiple specific dates (i.e. 16/04/21, etc.) Disable next business day selection by customers AFTER 12pm. For point #2, I have the following code but

Datepicker flashes and disappears after field receives focus

I have an html page that displays a modal dialog with two jquery datepicker fields. When the dialog is instantiated, the cursor is properly placed in the first datepicker field and the calendar is displayed. Upon selection of a date, focus is moved to the second datepicker field. The calendar flashes but disappears. How do I correct this? The code

Datepicker on “focus” event in Laravel

I have a datatable where I have the option to edit the date of every record in that table, so I need to use “document on focus” event to get all my datepickers to work. The problem here is that my datepicker only works when I click on the input, if I click in the “icon” it doesn´t work. This