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Changing button text onclick

When I click on myButton1 button, I want the value to change to Close Curtain from Open Curtain.HTML: Javascript: The button is displaying open curtain right now and I want it to change to close curtain, is this correct? Answer If I’ve understood your question correctly, you want to toggle between ‘Open Curtain’ and ‘Close Curtain’ — changing to the

Disable button whenever a text field is empty dynamically

Here’s my code: This works but still not efficient since the user can delete the text inside the text box and click the button while he’s holding on DELETE key. Is there a more efficient way to achieve this using javascript? Answer Add a check when the button is clicked to see if there is any text. If there isn’t,

how to disable buttons based on a condition in jsp?

how can I disable a button by checking a condition in my jsp? If true,then the button is enabled,if false,then the button is disabled. The condition would be checking the value of a variable. I know how to disable a button using javascript, but to use it along with the condition in jsp is what I’m not able to figure

JS Busy loading indicator ignore middle click

My busy loading indicator basically works by detecting clicks. However, I just noted that when I middle click an item, it opens a link in a new tab and then the loading indicator shows up forever. How can I tell JS to ignore the middle mouse button? Answer You can try to, but it won’t work very well with all