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Not allowed to load local resource: chrome-error://chromewebdata/favicon@2x.png chrome-error://chromewebdata/

I’m following PWA tutorial and the same way implemented offline storage. In addition to the specified error, I got the following warnings I have web manifest installed with content: I have these tags in my layout and corresponding images in specified folders. Answer I made a mistake in code. I forgot to call handler of respondWith: Correct:

Should I return a promise in a JS Service Worker onFetch callback function if I don’t want to do anything with the original request?

My scenario is the following: I have a Progressive Web App that uses a Service Worker where I need to catch the request and do something with it every time the user requests a resource or leaves the current URL I’m handling that through adding a callback to the fetch event of the worker I only care about requested resources

PWA shortcut says “app not installed” when clicked

I found out about PWA shortcuts today and I tried setting it up but I can’t figure out how to make it work as I get an error “App Not installed” whenever I click the shortcut. The website is my manifest shortcut contains this: I think The issue I’m having comes from the react hashrouter, the final link should