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How to write this function with forEach?

I am trying to group the people by their age and as you can see, my code works with the reduce method. I managed to get this working but now I want to do the same with forEach method. Here’s my code: Answer Reduce accepts initial value that you update each iteration and return. So if you wish to use

How can I Improve my logic by using forEach, not for loop in Javascript

Please check my code first I used axios.all (GET method). Right now, I’m using for loop for combining all the responses to an array. However, What I’m trying to do is using forEach, not for. I have checked , but still working on how. Thank you. Answer Really what you want is to use map ( because you want

Issues with an Array.forEach [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: JavaScript: Difference between .forEach() and .map() (17 answers) map function not working in React (3 answers) Closed 22 days ago. Hope someone here would be able to help me out. I am trying to build an Owl-Carousel from an array of objects. but for some reason the array is not been recognized, would appreciate

Can a some() function replace nested forEach()?

I need to replace two (nested) forEach loops with a some function. The purpose of the code block is to check if the [1] elements in arrayOne are within the max & min of arrayTwo. The code currently works fine and looks like this: Let me know if it isn’t clear enough. Really appreciate your help. Answer Yes, you can

Extract value from the array of objects

I have an array of objects in a variable and I have id of the provider in a different variable. How do I get the name of the provider based on the id. how do I get the name based on the id. when I compare the id variable with with variable containing the array of objects. Array of objects:

addEventListener to all buttons using forEach

I am trying to addEventListener to all of my buttons. This is my first time using addEventListener and it is not running the usergetNumber function which should display a random number when any button is clicked. Answer From top to bottom. There’s already a function usergetNumber() { … } declaration in addEventListener(). It’s a function declaration not a callback here.

How can I assign forEach to variable? Its possible?

Hello everyone:) I’m trying to write rock, paper, scissors game but I have a little problem. Is there any option to assign let playerChoice = buttons.forEach… to any variable as I did in this code? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. I attached my code below. Thanks for any tips! Answer You can’t use forEach to do what you want