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HTML5 videos don’t autoplay with tippy js

I use tippy.js and when I add a <video loop muted playsinline autoplay> inside a tooltip using allowHTML: true, the video won’t autoplay on chrome. It works on firefox and safari though. How can I achieve this? Here is my js: And here is my html: I tried to add but it doesn’t work eather. Thanks a lot in advance

Expand volume level by default

I would like the volume level element to be expanded from the beginning, without mouse cursor hovering. I am about this element that is hidden by default: I didn’t find any built-in option for it (strange enough). I’ve been trying to solve it with CSS, but without success. There is a demo of problem in action that I’ve created for

Adding subtitles in React Player?

i am trying to add subtitles in React Player component , Here is the code for react player component i cant understand what i am doing wrong as they are not appearing on the video. kindly help Answer Create a State for an array For your subtitles yout captions_arr should have objects like this Extract the part which you need

Javascript: frame precise video stop

I would like to be able to robustly stop a video when the video arrives on some specified frames in order to do oral presentations based on videos made with Blender, Manim… I’m aware of this question, but the problem is that the video does not stops exactly at the good frame. Sometimes it continues forward for one frame and

Twilio Programmable Video – Disabled videos for certain participants, camera permission is still requested

I am implementing a seminar application with twilio programmable video. The scenario can be described as following: 1 host lectures n participants. The participants can participate only via audio but can see the hosts video. I accomplished that by simply unpublishing and disabling the videostreams of the participants: The problem is, that the participants, although not publishing any video, are

Is there a way to get the frame width and frame height properties of a webm via javascript?

Here are the properties I’m trying to access: propertyHelp001 I’ve looked at mediainfo.js ( and honestly I’m not able to figure it out. I’ve also seen people mention that it’s possible to use ‘media info’ ( CLI to accomplish this but I can’t find any instruction on how to accomplish this. I’ve also tried utilising wmic like so: but I

Add a video control on top of a local html video

The following is a link which shows a nice example of playing a local video in a browser: However, on top of this, I would like to allow the user to create a “trailer clip” of a particular segment of their video. In this, I would like to have some sort of adjustable playhead such as the following: Here