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Tag: html5-video

Browser sending request for already buffered video data

Problem As the title says, I’m seeing an issue where the browser (when seeking through a video) is constantly making requests for ranges of bytes it should already have. Code I’ve provided a minimal code sample; to replicate the issue, whip around the current time control on the video and look at your network log. Question Can someone explain why

Javascript: frame precise video stop

I would like to be able to robustly stop a video when the video arrives on some specified frames in order to do oral presentations based on videos made with Blender, Manim… I’m aware of this question, but the problem is that the video does not stops exactly at the good frame. Sometimes it continues forward for one frame and

How to make a video minimized automatically when it ends

I use a button that calls the function “play()” that make the video play on fullscreen How could I make the video auto-minimized when it stops playing? Answer .onended() this function use in end video. The ended event occurs when the audio/video has reached the end. This event is useful for messages like “thanks for listening”, “thanks for watching”, etc.