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how to create box in HTML5?

I am trying to create two inner box . I am able to do in using HTML css . working link (expected output) When I trying to do the same thing using Canvas. I am not able create two box or container where I will put my text. is it possible to do same thing using canvas here is

Get coordinates of the points in an ellipse in HTML5 Canvas

In HTML5 Canvas, I know I can draw an ellipse with CanvasRenderingContext2D.ellipse(), but how can I draw some points on the ellipse path? I can draw points on a circular path using the following codes: p.s. ignore the colors and the dot at the center. But how to do this with an ellipse? I don’t want to use ctx.scale() to

How to draw writable rectangles on images using JS

Liveworksheets is a website for students and teachers where teachers can upload files with questions then after uploading the file the teacher answers these questions and then send this file to students -without answers of course- to answer it. There are many ways that can teacher use to solve these questions but the way that matters to me is the

Get canvas pixel position from mouse coordinates

I have a 16×16 canvas that is scaled with CSS (width:90%; height: auto;) and I’m attempting to convert mouse coordinates on the canvas to one of the 16×16 pixels. I’m taking it from an onmousemove event, and while I can get the raw screen coordinates, I need to get where it lies on the canvas. Answer Try this: So you

How to create a common shadow for multiple strokes in a single canvas?

I’m trying to draw multiple strokes on a canvas and I’d like them to have a common shadow. Currently the cast shadows on one another which is not what I want. Ideal result What I’ve tried Creating shadow using ctx.shadowColor jsfiddle Creating shadow using ctx.filter jsfiddle Creating shadow using css box-shadow on the canvas — draws shadow on the whole