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Tag: google-chrome

Reflect API and Serialization via JSON.stringify

The following JavaScript code does something I didn’t expect. Why is the serialized output from JSON.stringify missing the new bar property? Answer because this property is not enumerable. By default, properties added using Object.defineProperty() are not writable, not enumerable, and not configurable. see documentation : so you must do: This is similar for the length property upon arrays:

Are v8’s optimizations deterministic? Extracting the sequence of JS functions executed by any given webpage

I am trying to reconstruct the exact sequence of executed Javascript functions (call graph) from log data gathered using the Tracing Profiler, particularly from the category “v8.cpu_profiler”. Unfortunately, the number of nodes (function definitions) and edges (function calls) I obtain fluctuates across runs even if I interact with the test Web application in exactly the same way. Currently, I use