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Tag: google-chrome

Are v8’s optimizations deterministic? Extracting the sequence of JS functions executed by any given webpage

I am trying to reconstruct the exact sequence of executed Javascript functions (call graph) from log data gathered using the Tracing Profiler, particularly from the category “v8.cpu_profiler”. Unfortunately, the number of nodes (function definitions) and edges (function calls) I obtain fluctuates across runs even if I interact with the test Web application in exactly the same way. Currently, I use

Text flows out of input after next event is fired if input is focued

While building a basic application, when I click a button, the text inside my currently focused input overflows only in Chrome. However, that text can be accessed using (right) arrow key(s). Is there any way to avoid this? I tried clipboard copy-paste but that did not work. Live site: Code on Github: Answer The problem comes from this

How to create a module worker in javascript

I am working on a program that relies heavily on web workers. But I am unable to get them to function as required. This is just a minified example but the format is more or less similar. I have 4 files: index.html index.js worker.js hello.js The worker should output “Worker Started”. When the button is clicked, the UI thread will