Getting cookies in a google chrome extension

I am trying to get a cookie specifically from a domain using this code: The problem is that the alert always says undefined. However, if I change to it works properly. How do I save the value to use later? Update: It appears that if I call alert(ID) from the chrome console after the script runs, it works. How can I set my code to wait until chrome.cookies.get finishes running? Answer Almost all Chrome API calls are asynchronous, so you need to use callbacks to run code in order:

Clicking on a button or at the current position of mouse using JavaScript to keep Google Colab notebook alive

I am trying to keep the Google Colab notebook alive for few hours even if I go out for some time. People who have no idea should only know that if you don’t manually intervene then the processes stop and all of your work is lost. I want my mouse to keep clicking at the current position 12 hours at an interval of 15 minutes. This would be the best case for me. Also IF I can add a bit of scroll up and down both without affecting the position of my mouse would be nice. Obviously, I did nit

How do I change Chrome’s media notification background colors

I want to know how to change media notification colors in Google Chrome. Crunchyroll, Vimeo and Dailymotion media notifications Crunchyroll, Vimeo and Dailymotion have their unique media notifications. How can I change the background color of a media notification in Google Chrome? Answer The default color is like you said, the main favicon color. But you can customize the media notification with artwork, then is that main artwork color the background color. Check out the webdev guide for the implementation link And the example

Console.log custom fonts in google chrome

I’ve been making game which is played in the browsers console, and I’m interested of the possibility of using custom fonts. I’m working with chrome and don’t really care about compatibility with other browsers. I know that console.log() can be styled with CSS, but I haven’t had any success with trying to get it to work with custom fonts. My css looks like this: and my Js looks like this: I’ve allso tried using ”: Both are in the same html file in their respective tags (no external css or js files) css on the top and js on the

Unable to sign into google with selenium automation because of “This browser or app may not be secure.”

I am trying to login to google with selenium and I keep getting the error that “This browser or app may not be secure.” The function I use to log in is: It is the same problem as and I have tried using both the chrome and firefox web drivers and both don’t work. I have also tried doing .excludeSwitches([‘enable-automation’]) which also didn’t help. This made me think that maybe the sign-in page could detect that I was running in an automated environment. I tried this solution that would hide that the app is running in a web

require is not defined? Node.js

Just started working with Node.js. In my app/js file, I am doing something like this: app.js When I’m in my terminal and run node app.js, the console spits out ‘running server!’, but in my browser I get, Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined. Can someone explain to me why in the terminal, it works correctly but in the browser, it doesn’t? I am using the node’s http-server to serve my page. Answer In the terminal, you are running the node application and it is running your script. That is a very different execution environment than directly running your script in

Notification popup doesn’t appear in chrome

I am trying to do a gmail similar type desktop notification . I am facing the difficulty to change the notification permission in chrome. The permission always shows denied in console if i use window.Notification.permission. If i manually change the permission in google chrome settings -> privacy -> content settings -> Notifications as “Allow all sites to show desktop notifications” from “Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications” . Now i am able to get desktop notification normally. But I need an alert to asking a permission if the browser have setting as “Do not allow any site

Disable / Enable Chrome Extension Via Browser Action / Icon

The chrome extension I am developing inserts content scripts and css onto every page of a website. However, the user may have a certain page or pages he or she does not want the extension to run on, so it would be great if I could set up the browser action as basically a toggle on / off. What I’d like to do is something like this: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Answer Such API is not provided. But two possible workarounds exist: I. You can use the “disabled” flag variable and update it from your background page. Background

Drop Event Not Preventing Default

I’ve the following: I’m using Chrome version 24.0.1312.52 m and last jQuery (1.8.3). When I drop a file into the box, browser is not preventing default beaviour. Can you please help me? P.S. dragexit is deprecated correct? Answer This should fix the issue for you.

Disable same origin policy in Chrome

Is there any way to disable the Same-origin policy on Google’s Chrome browser? Answer Close chrome (or chromium) and restart with the –disable-web-security argument. I just tested this and verified that I can access the contents of an iframe with src=”” embedded in a page served from “localhost” (tested under chromium 5 / ubuntu). For me the exact command was: Note : Kill all chrome instances before running command The browser will warn you that “you are using an unsupported command line” when it first opens, which you can ignore. From the chromium source: Before Chrome 48, you could just