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How to convert URL into HTML in JavaScript?

I want a HTML document of an URL I have URL like and I want the HTML block of the page of URL. How can I achieve this in JavaScript I read that Java has method like IOUtils.toString to do the same. can somebody suggest me how to do this or what is the method in JavaScript as in

Reading the parameter values off the current URL on page load

I realize retrieving search params from the URL is a commonly asked Question but I am running into an issue with using URLSearchParams( because I believe it is searching for a ? and my url contains & as separators between values. my url will look something like this http://localhost:8080/monitor/patientName=Courtney+Patient&pageSize=50 My Goal is to pull out the searchParams in the url

Vue-Router URL from external source always redirects to “/”

I am running Vue 2 directly off the Vue dev server. I am trying to enter a vue route (vue-router) from an external url. For some reason I don’t know, vue-router always redirects my request and handles it as if it comes from “/”, which automatically redirects to “/login” I found a similiar questions here ( but there is no

Two new urls but second one missing path variable in Cypress

Maybe a bit difficult to explain but I have the following issue. I have created a link and Cypress wants to click it, but it seems to click it twice. The second time the path variable is missing (the ID of an incident) and now it stores ‘undefined’ as incident ID, while the ID is ‘458868’ Does anyone why it