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sort unique values on the same line

If I have a list of items like this in any text-area, I can use a bookmarklet to sort the unique values. I click on the bookmarklet and the list is corrected to: code: But this does not work if all the items are on the same line like this… Is it possible to modify the code to return the

Bookmarklet in email

Is it possible to drag a bookmarklet from an email? Gmail doesn’t convert the raw javascript into a draggable link and will not attach javascript to image links. I tried several workarounds. I tried dragging a link then tried to redirect the header location with php. Putting JS in the header redirect is illegal and doesn’t work. I also tried

Simple bookmarklet not working in chrome

I am new to bookmarklet coding and i have run into a problem where the regular javascript works fine in the browser but not the bookmarklet version. I had found a bookmarklet which finds a image and turns it into BB code and that works fine, however it loads jQuery and i did not want it doing that all the

How to convert a bookmarklet into a Greasemonkey userscript?

Is there a easy way to do this. And is there anything that needs to be changed due to differences in how it is ran? Answer The easiest way to do this: Run the bookmarklet code through a URL decoder. so that javascript:alert%20(‘Hi%20Boss!’)%3B, for example, becomes: javascript:alert (‘Hi Boss!’); Strip the leading javascript: off.   Result: alert (‘Hi Boss!’); Add