Lightweight web browser for testing

I have e very specific test setup in mind. I would like to start a web-browser that understands Javascript and can use HTTP proxy, point it to a URL (ideally by specifying it in the command line along with the proxy config), wait for the page to load while listening (in the proxy) requests are generated as web-page is rendered and Javascript is executed, then kill the whole thing and restart. I don’t care about how the page renders graphically at all. Which browser or tool should I use for this? Ideally it should be something self-contained that doesn’t require

Cannot find microphone “allow” button in Opera browser

According to caniuse, Opera supports the Speech Recognition API. However, when attempting to view a simple example, I cannot find the “allow” button alluded to upon click of the microphone icon. In Chrome, the allow microphone dialog immediately pops up when the microphone icon is first clicked. I’m testing on a clean install of Opera 39/Mac. Answer Like HiDeo said, according to they do not support webkitSpeechRecognition. But the real issue here is that you are not getting prompted to allow the use of your mic. Double check this is correct. To always allow sites access to your camera