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How to download all the images from the website in order, naming them from 1 to 1000 [closed]

I want to download all the jpg and png images from the website but I need them to download in order and maybe if it’s possible naming them during the download. For example download 1000 images, in order from 1 to 1000 with the name of order. For example 3rd picture will be named 3, or 300 picture will be named 300. I’m newbie in coding and I need this for my project. I can download them manually, but it will take time and I want to learn how to automate such process.



You may use the following approach

# choose libraries to be used

def download_images_from_url(url):
    count = 1  # initialize counter
    # loop
        # write code to download the image from website
        # write code to store it locally
        #  rename the image using count variable
    count+=1 #update counter
url = ""
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