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How to init hidden swiper on page load?

I have a swiper positioned inside a tab on a wordpress site, thus it is not initiated on page load, so the navigation function does not work. You can see it here by clicking on the “görüşler” tab. I did a research and I found out that it’s a common issue and it can be initiated with some custom jquery.

jQuery: trigger event on tab key

I would like to call a function when the tab key is pressed within any field with the name=”notes”. I tried the following but this doesn’t fire (using IE 9). What do I have to change here to make this work at least in IE 8 and IE 9 ? Answer The problem I think is in the type of

Accessing the content of other tabs in a browser

I am using Mozilla Firefox and I am trying to figure out a way to access the content of other tabs in the same window using JavaScript and the DOM (I am open to other techniques if exist). E.g., I want to run JavaScript code in tab1 which can find the title of some other tab. Basically I need this