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Tag: firefox

How do I fix the warning “Cookie ‘cookie_name’ will be rejected soon …” that I get after deleting the cookie?

Firefox throws the following warning after deleting a valid cookie: Cookie “cookie_name” will be soon rejected because it has the “SameSite” attribute set to “None” or an invalid value, without the “secure” attribute. To know more about the “SameSite“ attribute, read Scenario After a valid login I send a cookie to the frontend. This cookie can be used during

Firefox: Service Worker: SecurityError: DOMException: The Operation is insecure

In app.js, I am checking the serviceWorker existence in navigator object and if available then registering the SW. When trying to register SW, I receive the below error in Firefox. I also made sure the service-worker.js file is under src directory. Checking my about:config in Firefox (version 59.0.2) I had service worker and storage api enabled. So that shouldn’t be