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Tag: keydown

Focus trap for multiple modals

I’m working on a trap focus modal functionality and it works well with a single element, but I can’t get it working with multiple elements. It traps focus only on last modal. I know there is something wrong with my loop, I tried to catch activeElement and add a condition if it’s equal to focused element but with no result.

jQuery: trigger event on tab key

I would like to call a function when the tab key is pressed within any field with the name=”notes”. I tried the following but this doesn’t fire (using IE 9). What do I have to change here to make this work at least in IE 8 and IE 9 ? Answer The problem I think is in the type of

How to detect if multiple keys are pressed at once using JavaScript?

I’m trying to develop a JavaScript game engine and I’ve came across this problem: When I press SPACE the character jumps. When I press → the character moves right. The problem is that when I’m pressing right and then press space, the character jumps and then stops moving. I use the keydown function to get the key pressed. How can