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Tag: twitter-bootstrap

Bootstrap JS not working with Rails Importmap

I have a Rails 7 App that I’m using Importmap with. I’m loading the Bootstrap JS via the gem and docs so my config/importmap.rb has: config/initializers/assets.rb application.js Stuff like dropdowns activated via data attributes work well but my custom JS gives the error: Uncaught TypeError: bootstrap.Popover is not a constructor Answer How to initialize Popper (tooltips) with importmaps You’re very

Bootstrap CSS positioning

The words or text below the logo in the navbar are not moving to the right of the logo (for reference link to the page -> Additionally the logo is not shifting to its left – it’s happening in basically all the navbar codes. I’m trying to do this using CSS bootstrap. Any explanation would be very helpful since

Javascript Bootstrap Multiselect – Show search dropdown if no options available

I’m using bootstrap-multiselect ( and want to dynamically load the data similar to bootstrap multiselect search get value from database, but on initial start there are no option values available, then by default the search dropdown is not showing. How can I still open/show the search dropdown if no options are available? Here is a fiddle: html: js: Answer

JS Toggle Submenu within Mega Menu

The issue I’m having is, creating a submenu inside another menu. Demo: LIVE DEMO (Important, cause CSS is needed as well I’m having this Bootstrap Mega Menu, which also contains a submenu (Column 2). On click, it should hide Column 3, and show the submenu items. (it does its job) Currently, I’m grabbing the submenu content with jquery html() and

Looping through selectpicker options

I am working with a selectpicker that contains optgroup and option elements. I would like to loop through the options and “select” all options that have a value starting with a certain string. For example, if I have the following: and some buttons “Vegetable” and “Fruit”, I would like all of the options that have values starting with “V.” to