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disable click button on submit

I try to update this jquery script in pure js (with bootstrap 5). The goal is to not allow someone to click twice on the payment button. Sorry I am not very strong in js. My goal is to have the same …

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Responsive navbar with dropdown not working

I am working on creating a responsive navbar that has a dropdown in it. Below is my code: I have the CSS code and media queries inline for testing purpose. So it might look lengthy. The menu contains the Home logo image at the left and 4 menu items on the right. After the active ‘home’ link is the ‘Programs’ drop-button that should have a dropdown ‘Success’ underneath it. This dropdown is not loading correctly and the design is distorted. Any help to fix this? Answer You don’t need your dropdown button to be a div tag, it should be

Items flex item is left-aligned and right-aligned, how to center it when the browser window is resized down?

I have a navbar with 3 flex items as shown below, and I can’t seem to figure out how to center the containers when vertically collapsed. When I shrink the browser this is the result – How do I center the B logo as well as the icons container at the bottom to be vertically centered to the middle when the browser collapses? The code is below: Answer simply using pure CSS ‘s media queries: see an example

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