Responsive navbar with dropdown not working

I am working on creating a responsive navbar that has a dropdown in it. Below is my code: I have the CSS code and media queries inline for testing purpose. So it might look lengthy. The menu contains the Home logo image at the left and 4 menu items on the right. After the active ‘home’ link is the ‘Programs’ drop-button that should have a dropdown ‘Success’ underneath it. This dropdown is not loading correctly and the design is distorted. Any help to fix this? Answer You don’t need your dropdown button to be a div tag, it should be

Items flex item is left-aligned and right-aligned, how to center it when the browser window is resized down?

I have a navbar with 3 flex items as shown below, and I can’t seem to figure out how to center the containers when vertically collapsed. When I shrink the browser this is the result – How do I center the B logo as well as the icons container at the bottom to be vertically centered to the middle when the browser collapses? The code is below: Answer simply using pure CSS ‘s media queries: see an example

How to use multiple columns in Bootsrap not starting From column 1?

I have two buttons in page. According to W3Schools, the page is divided into 12 columns. I want the two buttons to be 4 columns wide but from column 2 to 5 and the second from column 8 to 11. How can I do this? I am using using bootstrap to do this. Using empty ‘p’ elements doesn’t seem to work as seen below. I can notice a bigger gap after the second button that the first gap. What can I do? Edit: To see it open the code in a full page. Answer Leaving an answer instead of a

In my HTML page justify-content-between not working

Sorry for the question, but I am new in bootstrap, in my user.js file I could not make it work to deploy justify-content-between Instead my two elements are next to each other like I used justify-content-start here are my codes: Answer At the end I understand that in my public/index.html file in section had not correct links to bootstrap links. I found an original html file from our tutors github page and I replace all section of his project to mine and that is it. It is solved. This two lines should exist in index.html file :

Problem displaying dynamic data in an array in Laravel blade view using Javascript

Working on a Laravel application whereby I have some data in an array. The data is a collection of associative arrays whereby each array has an identity number and a collection of policy codes in it. Am fetching the data and displaying to the blade. In the view I have partitioned in 2 columns (using bootstrap grid system). On the left column (col-md-4) am looping through the variable and displaying the identity number which works fine. On the right column I have a table whereby am supposed to display the respective policy code depending on the state of identity_no. I

React-Bootstrap grid contents not displaying

I created a grid inside of a react-bootstrap Jumbotron, but when I export it to my app.jsx none of the grid contents are displayed (but the Jumbotron and my custom styles are) All of my other components are working fine, so I’m not sure why this isn’t. App.js: SectionThree.jsx: howItWorks.jsx: Answer React components should always start with uppercase letter: There is a good answer on stackoverflow here covering this.

Bootstrap multiselect select all options at instanciation

I am using bootstrap multiselect plugin to add dynamically code into an select. Here is my code: Html: Javascript When the multiple select is instancied, it appears as such in the browser (there is some css formatting explaining its aspect): Whereas I would like it to appear as (with all checkbox selected at instanciation, without to click on ‘select all’): I looked into the doc, but did not find it … Bootstrap multiple select documentation Answer You need to run both selectAll (with false as second parameter – this indicate that all values will be selected, even non-visible values) and