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Format phone number in Javascript

I need to format phone number for example by replace(): From: +48 XX XXX XX XX where X is a number. Example: +48 12 345 67 89 To: +48 XXX XXX XXX Example: +48 123 456 789 Edit: My work: First, I tried to remove the spaces in string: phone.replace(‘ ‘, ”);: Before: +48 12 312 31 23 After: +4812

regex replace for multiple string array javascript

I have a array of string and the patterns like #number-number anywhere inside a string. Requirements: If the # and single digit number before by hyphen then replace # and add 0. For example, #162-7878 => 162-7878, #12-4598866 => 12-4598866 If the # and two or more digit number before by hyphen then replace remove #. For example, #1-7878 =>

What is the appropriate use for the .replace method within this context/ within a .map method?

I’m trying to loop through an array of strings and for each element(string) in that array, change the character after the “_” underscore character to a “*” character. Strings are immutable so, pushing this all to a new array. The chain performs as expected when directly targeting the underscore for replacement: But the moment the actual intended function is pursued,