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Tag: format

Format phone number in Javascript

I need to format phone number for example by replace(): From: +48 XX XXX XX XX where X is a number. Example: +48 12 345 67 89 To: +48 XXX XXX XXX Example: +48 123 456 789 Edit: My work: First, I tried to remove the spaces in string: phone.replace(‘ ‘, ”);: Before: +48 12 312 31 23 After: +4812

Weird Formatting for nextJs (vscode)

I am using prettier as my formater. When I read a simple JSX function it is written as however, when saved the autoformatter turns it into I have turned prettier off and turned most of my other extensions off yet this doesn’t change, I belive it is intrinsic to vscode somehow. Anyone have a fix? Answer On the lower right,