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Why is the split() method approx. 2x slower when the result is pushed to an array?

Consider the following code snippet: The output of this code is something like: Time needed: 2664ms. However, with the line // result.push(words); uncommented, the output is something like: Time needed: 4991ms. That’s approx. 2x slower (note that I’m measuring only the time needed by split(), but not push()). Can someone explain me why? Answer does not have the necessary

Split String and insert it in different input

can you please help me how to split a string in an input and insert those split strings into different inputs? I already tried some codes that I found here but it still didn’t work. I actually want to store the string in that 2 different inputs (those not hidden) after exectuting the functions This is the source code: Answer

How can I split strings of an array by backslash?

sIn my Gatsby project, I am picking up the following data from my WordPress platform: I am processing the coordinates string by splitting it up by pipe (|) and shifting away the first element of the array. See below: That mapping of the object is producing the following: I would like to split the elements of the coordinates array by