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Tag: reactjs

How to refactor this kind of code to fix codeclimate duplication report?

I use react & flux to develop my frontend web app: So I define the constants like this: /js/constants/AppConstants.js /js/constants/ProductConstants.js This totally works and is correct, then I push these codes to Github (with Codeclimate integration). Codeclimate says: Obviously, we see that this line const KeyMirror = require(‘keymirror’) was defined in 2 different files, and Codeclimate thinks this should be

JavaScript/React Style Guide Indentation

Is there an agreed-upon convention for indentation in React JSX? 2 spaces, 4 spaces, tabs, etc. Answer You should just use the same indentation as the rest of your javascript code. That said react ecosystem seems to use mostly double spaces so I’d use that for consistency.