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Tag: react-router-dom

How to hide the offcanvas navbar when selecting the links inside of it using react scroll?

Any idea on how to hide/back to its original state when selecting the links inside offcanvas using react scroll? Below is my code and also here is the sandbox code App.js Header.js Content.js Im using the ff: react 17.0.2 react-router-dom 6.2.2 react-scroll 1.8.7 react-bootstrap offcanvas 2.1.2 I’m not sure if I missed something like useState/useEffect or an attribute

Link Element Not Displaying When Selected And Styled As nth-of-type Why is the .row:nth-of-type(1) > .content:nth-of-type(4) .content <Link/> not displaying? Is it a bug, am I just missing something? I am not looking for an alternative approach to achieve the same result, I am simply asking why the fourth <Link/> is not displaying so I know what is going wrong. Answer Use the :nth-child psuedoselector since you are mixing

How to delete multiple url params

There is a problem with deleting several string parameters. Only the last parameter is being deleted now. upd: I did not specify that I wanted to achieve the ability to remove specific parameter values this code does not work correctly: Sandbox Answer Solved the problem by modifying the function like this