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Tag: react-redux

How to send a component as an argument to a function in another component?

In my case, I have a components ‘1,2,3,….’ imported in another main component ‘A’. In component ‘A’ some operation is done and among the components ‘1,2,3…’ one filtered component is returned. I have to send some props to this filtered components and render this filtered component. Am posting my code please have a look. Thank you. AR008Users and AR009Users are

Multiple divs sharing same redux State

I am building a react widget builder, everything is completed but now I am stuck on this thing that I am running my react app on every div which has data attribute of data-widget=”custom” like this code {renderCustomWidget is just the function to render react app} the data-id attribute makes each div’s content unique now I am building multiple widgets

Module parse failed: The top-level-await experiment is not enabled (set experiments.topLevelAwait: true to enabled it

I am using axios to access the backend when a user registers, it takes their name, email, and password and dispatches REGISTER_SUCCESS when they are successful. When a user fails to register, it dispatches. for dispatch am using redux thunk as middleware so i can write dispatch in arrow function REGISTER_FAILURE, but instead gets the error below. This is stated

Creating table with data from API using Redux

I’m attempting to get information about NBA teams using Redux, then put that data into a table. Right now I’m able to get the data from the API, but I’m struggling to figure out the correct syntax to display a table with the data I collect using Redux (I usually use getContext and am trying to familiarize myself with Redux

How to pass in multiple action creators to single listenerMiddleware in Redux Toolkit?

I want to save state into my database whenever any of its properties changes. I currently have two middlewares that would dispatch my saveTrip function. The two middlewares are identical but listen to different actionCreators. Store.js: Savetrip function: I am not even using the payload thats passed in when I call saveTrip as I’m saving the entries state. I don’t