items not being displayed on table

I’ve been trying to create this search app where I can display the items in a table and delete items using react redux. However, on the initial load, the app shows a table but there is no data in the table. It’s an empty table. If i search for another movie name which have more than one movie for that search term, then 2 tables would be shown but I want to show everything on the same table itself. The delete button is not working as well. Is there something wrong with my action and reducer files? Action.js Reducer App.js

React Hook – multiple “useEffect” fires at componentDidMount

I’m using multiple useEffect hooks to perform the componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate functionalities, however, looks like when component loads, all my useEffect fires initially… when my component mounts, I see all those console log there How could I only let my first useEffect fires, but the other three fires when the dependency changes only? Answer useEffect is not a direct replacement of componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate. Effect will run after each render, which is why you are seeing all those console logs. According to the React documentation, the second parameter of useEffect means you can choose to fire them (effects) only when