items not being displayed on table

I’ve been trying to create this search app where I can display the items in a table and delete items using react redux. However, on the initial load, the app shows a table but there is no data in the table. It’s an empty table. If i search for another movie name which have more than one movie for that search term, then 2 tables would be shown but I want to show everything on the same table itself. The delete button is not working as well. Is there something wrong with my action and reducer files? Action.js Reducer App.js

Why aren’t my checkboxes updating using Redux?

I am working on a React-Native mobile app using Redux to manage the state. I have filter to manage the data displayed. I am using Redux to manage all the data in the filters. It’s quite simple: I click on the checkbox, it gets clicked. I click on the checkbox again (guess what), it gets unclicked. When there is a box with the value “allInclusive”, all boxes are unchecked except the “allInclusive” one. Here’s the code for the reducer and the code for the Checkbox thing. Answer Here is the reducer re-written to be immutable:

Cannot update a component while rendering a different component warning

I am getting this warning in react: I went to the locations indicated in the stack trace and removed all setstates but the warning still persists. Is it possible this could occur from redux dispatch? my code: register.js function which triggers the warning in my registerForm component called by register.js Stacktrace: Answer I fixed this issue by removing the dispatch from the register components render method to the componentwillunmount method. This is because I wanted this logic to occur right before redirecting to the login page. In general it’s best practice to put all your logic outside the render method

Redux deep clone – state is always equal

I have the following reducer in React Redux: And this is my object: The reducer as such seems to work, it toggles the values correctly. But: Redux always shows “states are equal”, which is bad as it won’t recognize changes. Can someone help ? I assume that I am returning a new object.. Answer Although you take a copy of state.jobOffers.filters, this still holds references to original child arrays like employments. So when you mutate newArr[action.key] with splice or push, Redux will not see that change, as it is still the same array reference. You could replace this: with: BTW,

Connecting actions to store outside a component?

So let’s suppose I have a store, with a redux-thunk middleware in it. I created the store and exported it like this: I can now access it anywhere in my app. But what if I want to dispatch an action from anywhere? I have them declared e.g. in myAction.js: Now I can import them and connect to my store/component like this: My question is – what if I do not have a component and still want to dispatch actions declared like the one above? Answer You can dispatch actions from the store directly Redux is a library by itself. It

How to update single value inside specific array item in redux

I have an issue where re-rendering of state causes ui issues and was suggested to only update specific value inside my reducer to reduce amount of re-rendering on a page. this is example of my state and I am currently updating it like this where action.payload is a whole array containing new values. But now I actually just need to update text of second item in contents array, and something like this doesn’t work where action.payload is now a text I need for update. Answer You could use the React Immutability helpers Although I would imagine you’d probably be doing