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Tag: redux

How to .reduce() an array that contains functions?

Lets say we have an array of functions Is there a way to funcArray.reduce() and have all three functions apply on the string using reduce? Answer Compose is an HOC, which means it takes function and returns function. Trick is to decide when to execute the functions. Here is a sample function that will work like redux’s compose

I am learning Redux thunk by using createAsynThunk. I try to delete an item in todoState but it doesn’t work and i don’t know the reason

My slices file filename: slices.ts My action creators. filename: actioncreators.ts Todo interface, filename: Todo.ts I run my index file, filename: index.ts I expect it would be But actually it is. Answer Your code is fine. The reason you are getting the same result after delete is because you have wait in your delete handler. In the mean time, when wait

How to use redux state data in a link?

I am new to redux and reactjs. I am trying to use a state data called type in the link I am fetching using axios in line no 17. I am setting the value of type from another .jsx file using dispatch(). Here in Home.jsx file I am calling dispatch in line no 24 for updating the state value type

How to set a redux toolkit initial state to an array of object or localstorage with typescript?

i’m currently trying to set an initialState (items) to an array of object or the same thing from the localStorage. The problem is, that i’m receiving this kind of error. Type ‘number’ is not assignable to type ‘{ id: string; price: number; quantity: number; totalPrice: number; name: string; }[]’.ts(2322) cart.ts(4, 3): The expected type comes from property ‘items’ which is

Multiple divs sharing same redux State

I am building a react widget builder, everything is completed but now I am stuck on this thing that I am running my react app on every div which has data attribute of data-widget=”custom” like this code {renderCustomWidget is just the function to render react app} the data-id attribute makes each div’s content unique now I am building multiple widgets

React Redux how to update product quantity in shopping cart

I have a store in redux. There is 2 arrays, womanProducts and cartProducts Then I dispatch cartProducts and add women products to shopping cart (Case “ADD_PRODUCTS” to add products in cart and “REMOVE_FROM_CART” to remove items from cart) it’s working well, but “INCREMENT_PRODUCT” not working But now I need to increment and decrement prodcuts in cart by clicking button Cart