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Tag: redux

Creating table with data from API using Redux

I’m attempting to get information about NBA teams using Redux, then put that data into a table. Right now I’m able to get the data from the API, but I’m struggling to figure out the correct syntax to display a table with the data I collect using Redux (I usually use getContext and am trying to familiarize myself with Redux

replacing createStore with configureStore

I updated my packages and VScode told me that createStore was depreciated. So I went about replacing it My store file, I have included the original line as a comment at the bottom Using redux App component With configureStore() the console is giving me a warning about putting non-serizible objects in state. They say its possible but when I try

Redux best practice to filter data

in the process of developing an application, I’m facing a question about whether I’m using Redux correctly. I have a fav:[] in which I add product objects and render their list. However, in order for the data not to be lost, I have to copy this fav:[] to favCopy:[] and only after that execute .filter Example code: I would like

how to import child’s state to parent component

I want to import the child state to my parent component in order to change DOM, but I don’t know if its possible or how to do it shall I use Redux in this case ?? if not what possibly I must do to do that Answer You can create state in parent component and pass it to child component

how to build object JS

I have an array of booking and types. From these two arrays I need to build an object. Everything works great, except for the types. Types return an array in each object (same). How can you return the correct object? Answer found a solution to my problem. It was enough to add indexes

How to change just one parameter using Redux?

I try to update my global state using Redux, but I try to update just one paramter of five, not all. My store code looks like: I tried to write a new case like, but doesn’t work: VS Code doesn’t let me write that “.activated” My dispatch look like: What is wrong? Answer I understand why you did this, it