How to make a “global” component render content based on url route?

I have a FAQ button that’s fixed onto the bottom right corner of the screen (it’s on every screen of the website), when clicked a modal pops out displaying frequent asked questions and their respective answers, I’d like the modal to display different content based on the url that the user is on. For example: if the user is on then the modal would render the content specific to the sign up process, and when the user is on only the faq’s related to shopping should appear. This should be taking into account the first part of the

Rendering random elements from an array in React

I am making a small react app with the help of Potter-API through which users can search for specific characters or spells. After fetching data from the API I am rendering 6 random items(characters/spells) which when clicked lead to a detailed view of the item(characters/spells), I’ve also added a button called randomize which when clicked renders a new set of random elements. The issue I am facing is with this ‘randomize’ button, on clicking it repeatedly what’s happening is instead of rendering only 6 elements it starts to render 7, 8,… and breaks at some point resulting in an error.

Why pass {…props} in a React Route?

I’m using the route below just because it was the code I found on the web: I know the {…props} denotes multiple arguments but I can’t understand why I need it at all because the code below also works just fine and props.msg is available in Test expected So what does {…props} actually do when passed in during render? Answer From the documentation: The render prop function has access to all the same route props (match, location and history) as the component render prop. If Test is not using any of these then you don’t have to pass them.

PrivateRouting when Token in Local Storage [TypeScript]

If my login in successful, an authentication token is returned, which is stored in the local storage. Upon successful login, I want to go the a private route. I found this code Javascript snippet but I am unable to make it work for Typescript. I don’t have any isAuthenthicated property yet. How could I modify this accordingly? Here is my login screen: There is a similar question but it doesn’t answer my case since I’m storing the token in local storage. Answer This will go in your index.tsx file: And use this in the browser router/switch:

How to get pathname in the layout file in gatsby

I am working with gasby and here the main file is always layout.js which is the parent of them all. Since it is a parent file then how can I get a location props this.props.location.pathname inside it? Here is my layout component Answer As stated in the Gatsby docs: In v1, the layout component had access to history, location, and match props. In v2, only pages have access to these props; if you need these props in the layout component, pass them through from the page. What this is means is that you need to go to where your Layout

How to render an array of objects in React?

could you please tell me how to render a list in react js. I do like this Answer You can do it in two ways: First: Second: Directly write the map function in the return