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Sync two scrolls with different sizes

I have been trying to sync two different divs with different sizes. As you can see in this jsfiddle I’m almost there. But while move the bigger horizontal scroll the inner one doesn’t finish at its final scroll end. I want both to be synchronized, start and finish in their own sizes. I have tried to play with their width

Javascript Waypoints (or alternative)

I tryied to use the Waypoints library to fire an event when we scroll to the end of a div (in order to implement an “infinite scolling”-like functionality). I looked at this example but it apparently doesn’t work if I use a custom scrollable ‘div’, it only works for the window scrolling. Here my fiddle: Am I right? Is

Scroll event JQuery – Detecting bottom page

Im trying to make an infinite scroll page. The script works well on my computer (Chrome) but not on my friend’s computer (chrome too). I saw it does work when it comes to detect the bottom of the page when the content at the bottom was append via ajax. I also saw that the loading content works once i change

Scroll into view element hides behind header

I am making a react application where on click over an item below select box the respective item in next section gets scrolled. Working Example for above said scenario: Eg: Click on Item two, then its respective field set will gets scrolled to top.. Issue: -> Now the requirement is that I need to add a header and below

Can’t update my mouse position, because of my horizontal scroll (LocomotiveScroll)

I’m trying to make a custom cursor with the Ink Cursor by Ricardo Mendieta. The cursor is working, but the problem I have is that I use a horizontal scroll with Locomotive Scroll. When I scroll, the mouse position doesn’t get updated. I tried to fix this with a mousewheel function. I can console log the mousewheel event, but