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Tag: reactjs

How to make Node and React app to share classes

I’m building a Node and React app, both using TypeScript. Its directories tree is as follows: My question: Since I’m using the same language for both stacks, and in the future the React Native will be added also using TypeScript, I wonder how I can create one group of classes to be used for all of them. Why I want

How to render custom generated ruleset in styled-jsx

TL;DR How does one insert a variable that contains one or more CSS rules into styled-jsx (using styled-jsx-plugin-sass under the hood)? I have the following JSX style: And contained is a variable that I’m trying to insert into it the mentioned rule: Notes: breakAt is a function that generates a specific media query (breakpoint: string) => (content: string) => string

Recursive counting in arbitrary nested object

I’m attempting to do some data visualization and dealing with this dataset. Object with arbitrary nested objects. I’m trying to count how many times different values appear in a key. This is just a snippet of the dataset, in the original the owns nested objects go 7+ levels deep. Example dataset I’m working with: I’m thinking I’ll have to do

React Setstate callback called but render delayed

I just started to learn to react 2 days ago and I’m having a hard time with react’s setstate method, all I know is use revstate parameter if want to change state based on previous state, and callback parameter to be executed right after the state change (please correct me if this wrong), so I just change the array content

Executing a loop in React class component

I’m building a pagination component and I’m struggling to execute a for loop so I can dynamically generate the pages. I initially had a function component, but I want to switch it to a class component so I can manage state in it. (I know, I can use hooks, but Im practicing class components at the moment). I initially added