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Tag: python

Is it possible to use a python script in Vue.js?

I observe that I cannot instantiate a child process in Vue.js. Is there any way to execute a python script in Vue.js (2.x) ? Answer Vue is strictly a client-side framework, except when being used from Nuxt.js. If you’re not using Nuxt, you would need a server of some sort (whether Python or Node or something else), and that could

Using Javascript to implement Live Django Search

I am adding a Search functionality to my E-commerce Project using Javascript, I have followed a tutorial that explains that when writing the title in the search bar only the items with the same letter appears. In my project, it was working fine for basic HTML but I am trying to make it a little more complex to include a

Separating Django REST back from Front end

This is a bit of a different question. I’ve tried researching the information for a few hours now and I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I have a Django REST backend that I set up. Its very simple REST API that has one Model I’m able to post to via the REST api interface see

Why does this solution work in Javascript but not in Python? (Dynamic programming)

I’m following this tutorial about dynamic programming and I’m struggling to implement memoization in the following problem: *Write a function called canSum(targetSum, numbers) that returns True only if the numbers in the array can sum to the target sum. All the numbers in the array are positive integers and you can use them more than once for the solution. Example:

Passing JSON data from Flask to JavaScript

I am trying to pass a JSON data from flask to JavaScript. The code I tried is from: Passing a JSON object from Flask to JavaScript The steps below are what I did : I first got my data from postgreSQL in Python I transformed the data format from DataFrame to JSON I modified @Ilya V. Schurov’s code And this

Parse property page URLs using xpath

I am trying to parse the main property page, more precisely I would like to extract the href from attribute class that is here, and make a follow link: However all the combinations I have tried result in None. I am also aware of API (, however, in the response, I do not see the URL to the properties,