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Tag: amazon-web-services

Multipart/form-data request to AWS Elastic Beanstalk returns status 500

I have an API in my web application that makes it possible for users to upload files (audio and images), and everything works perfectly fine when I use an npm module like multer or multiparty for the parsing of the files. However, when I run this application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, any multipart/form-data request to the server fails. (Note: I

Getting error when executing a lambda function – Parameter “userId” has value with no field set

I guess I am making a silly coding mistake, but have been trying for more than a day. I am trying to insert records onto aurora table with the parameters received as a stream from dynamodb table. I cant seem to set the parameters on the params object correctly. I want the sql statement and the parameters on the params

How to integrate Azure Voice API in node.js

Now I am integrating Azure Voice API in my MERN stack project. I tested it in console with debugging but it doesn’t work on React Website. I am not sure what’s the problem. Answer To use Azure Voice Api, You need to get the authorize from the Azure Support team. If you didn’t get it, you can’t call it in