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Apex chart x y linear chart based on dateTime

Hey i am using Apex chart with vue.js VueApexChart Here is my option value : and here in my component data here is my series structure: Then i am having my component called like this: Nothing is displayed on the chart Answer Running it in a codesandbox works fine. Are you sure it isn’t just because you didn’t have any

ApexCharts.exec updateSeries works only once

Have an issue that I’m trying to figure out with Apexcharts. just to lead with, I cant really post an example as the chart code is somewhat large and relies an web-sockets to get the data so I’m going to try my best to explain the flow with hopes somebody may know what I’m doing wrong here, I apologies in

Render vue component in data

I trying to make custom tooltip for apexcharts like in example: and it’s works, but when I set in return some vue component nothing shows. Why is this happening and how to fix it? Answer To make Vue render the component correctly, you’ll have to tell it to in the custom tooltip function: If you need data or other

How to display the Apex Charts datapoint’s datetime value in tooltip?

I’m having trouble getting the datapoint’s corresponding x-axis value which is datetime, to display in the tooltip of the datapoint. Specifically, where within the w.globals object. I’m following along the lines of this answer, unsuccessful so far. Seems it works only on the categorical data as demonstrated here. Answer The w.globals.seriesX array contains the X values for DateTime series.

undefiend value in array of objects Vuejs

im trying to make an array with objects but while looping i get as a result the first 83 objects as undefiend and only the last 4 with correct data. I tried to refactor the code several times but i dont seem to find a solution. This is the console log result i get This is the network response i

t[this.activeSeriesIndex].data[0] is undefined in ApexCharts. How to correctly build the series array?

I’m a beginner in Vue and I’m using vue-apex chart to create a chart in my application. I want to display in chart, the values of the two component’s properties “uncorrectAns” and “correctAns” that I compute thanks to a specific method (computeStat()). When I run the application, the chart isn’t displayed and I get this error message on the browser