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Tag: datatables

referencing json data in datatables – howto

I have an external json file as follows (fake data); I call the table like below and, as expected it works; I want to change the array name in the json file to properties and so have revised above as follows; and change the datafile to; I get an error as follows; I have tried to read the man pages

DataTables Requested unknown parameter ‘PageId’

I am running into the following error trying to load DataTables Objects data ( Below is example json data I am recieving from my C# SchemaReport/GetReportJson controller and being used in JQuery ajax success callback to initialize my DataTables: DataTables HTML: JQuery ajax and DataTables init script: I noticed that after acknowledging the error DataTables loads as following and stating

Change button text depend on click of another button

I have button in datatable which has dropdown items. I want to change text of the button depend on click of dropdown item. For example : if user clicks on ‘Toggle start date’, the text of main button should be changed from ‘Table control’ to ‘Toggle start date’. Answer You can simple use dt.buttons(0).text(‘Text you need’) like: Reference: buttons().text()

Multiple Arrays in DataTable

So I am working on a project and am having trouble trying to use multiple arrays of data in a data table. The issue I am running into is my initial set of data comes from a sharepoint list call(the calculations variable). I then use values in that array to run some calculations and put those into their own array(formulatedNumbers).