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Tag: google-sheets

How can i skip “undefined”?

I want to create a script, which will be grouping all not empty rows. But, i have problem with checking getDepth or getRange when group doesn’t exist. I get “undefined” and i can’t create easy check like “if getDepth < 0 or “undefined”” because script stopping. Few years ago i created many scripts on VBA but this Apps Scripts a

Copy/paste a range from one sheet to several others depending on the value of a cell in a column

In a spreadsheet, I have a tab “CUSTOMERS” with values in the range B4:Q,. These values are imported from another spreadsheet with importrange. In C4:C of “CLIENTS”, there are the names of 3 products which correspond to the names of 3 other tabs (“DATA”, “EPHAD”, “LIVRET”) which have the same column format as the tab “CLIENTS”. What I would like

Google App Script randomly stop executing

I have a script that basically take info from a website for multiple users, and put these info in a google spreadsheet, with one sheet per users. I have a function that remove values of the firstline, resize every columns, and put back the setValues: my problem is that the script stop executing in the middle of the function. I