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Tag: p5.js

Randomize assigned colors in an array in p5.js

I have been trying to recreate one of Vera Molnar’s paintings, and to add a twist, I wanted to randomize the colors in the array as I drag my mouse over the canvas. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. Below is one of many attempts at this. What could I be doing

Efficiently mask shapes using createGraphics in p5.js

I am trying to create various shapes in p5.js and fill them with specific patterns/drawings. Each shape will have a unique pattern generated using createGraphics. Since my different shapes won’t cover all of my base canvas, I am thinking of creating smaller-sized graphics for my patterns to improve performance. For example, if my base canvas is 1000 * 1000 pixels

p5.js: Drawing tool doesn’t work well on mobile devices

For a project, I would like to work with this code: I realized that it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Sometimes nothing draws, sometimes I get some colored dots. It should possible to draw “normally” with the finger. Is there a way to fix that? Would be very thankful for help! <3 Answer This won’t work as a runnable

Cursor trail algorithm for p5.js

I found this little coding exercise on Processing’s website ( and decided to make a p5.js version of it. The part that I do not understand about this algorithm is how the ellipses drawn (in the trail) shrinks when variable i, which is used as the scale of the ellipse, is increasing. I suspect that it has something to do

P5.js object not leaving a trail

I have a project in which I’m trying to make a helix effect, where two ellipses rotate around each other, and they leave a trail which keeps going downwards and then disappearing. now the problem is, …