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Javscript – Three.js Disable panning on mobile devices?

So I’m making a 3d project with three.js. Everything works as expected on my laptop. I’m using OrbitControls to allow camera movement, but i have disabled right click panning, because I want the camera just to rotate. When switching to a mobile device (iphone), using two fingers I’m able to move the camera (not rotate). Is there a way to

p5.js: Drawing tool doesn’t work well on mobile devices

For a project, I would like to work with this code: I realized that it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Sometimes nothing draws, sometimes I get some colored dots. It should possible to draw “normally” with the finger. Is there a way to fix that? Would be very thankful for help! <3 Answer This won’t work as a runnable

Location.reload() on mobile JS app

On a desktop, you can use location.reload(); and it will reload the page, restarting the code on it. But what if I wanted to ‘reload’ a javascript app? Is there a way to do so? Thanks! Answer There’s 534 different ways to reload a page in JavaScript. Take your pick: One of those is bound to work where location.reload(); doesn’t.