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Tag: p5.js

jQuery getScript() and a div element id

I am using jQuery to add a div to a page that I’d want to then use as a location for content produced by another script (in this case ,p5). It will work fine if I assign include a static div with the id=’p5canvas’ but when I use jQuery to add dynamic content (see below), nothing happens and I don’t

incorrect bouncing behaviour in p5js play library

I’m using the play library: I’m doing a simple bouncing balls demo, with one large ball whose mass in play is given by $pi r^2$. The basic physics looks right to me. But after a few seconds, the large ball starts to jump large distances when struck by a small ball. Here’s my complete code (EDIT, also pasted below):

if something == something show something and keep showing it

so when this is true i want to keep the images even when this turns false later Answer I don’t understand why the condition looks like this label==”HowMuchCanYouSee”==true and not just this label==”HowMuchCanYouSee” Anyway you may add a new flag to the story starting with false that will be turned to true the first time your code it’s hit, and

404 on page refresh in NextJS with p5.js

I’m using the react-p5 library for generating PerlinNoise wave animation in my about page. When I use the p5 on any page it returns a 404 page, but if click back to the home page and open about.js using the link it will work. After refresh, it won’t work. Everything works if I remove the p5 component from the file.