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Tag: mouse-cursor

Cursor trail algorithm for p5.js

I found this little coding exercise on Processing’s website ( and decided to make a p5.js version of it. The part that I do not understand about this algorithm is how the ellipses drawn (in the trail) shrinks when variable i, which is used as the scale of the ellipse, is increasing. I suspect that it has something to do

CSS2 cursor not displaying “hand”

I’m following the standard of W3C here and here However, the element isn’t displayed the hand when mouseover. Please help. When viewing with IE9 and mouseover, it doesn’t change the cursor into the “hand”, but it’s just the regular arrow instead. Please advise. Thanks! Answer It should be cursor: pointer; alone because hand is a proprietary value only

Get size of mouse cursor in javascript

I need to determine the width and height of the current mouse cursor used on our webpage. I need to show a div right under the cursor, and possibly to the right of it. So I need to determine the offsets of my div from the exact pointer location, so the cursor do not cover up the div. The mechanism