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p5.js: Drawing tool doesn’t work well on mobile devices

For a project, I would like to work with this code: I realized that it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Sometimes nothing draws, sometimes I get some colored dots. It should possible to draw “normally” with the finger. Is there a way to fix that? Would be very thankful for help! <3 Answer This won’t work as a runnable

scrollIntoView not executed in touch event listener

I’m trying to make a vertical slide, it works on desktop with wheel event but the scrollIntoView methode doesn’t get executed in a touch event listener. Here is the code The weird point is that the console logs inside the conditions are executed and the scrollIntoView method works outside the eventListeners What am I missing ? Answer The problem comes

Dealing with touchMove events in iOS and Ember

I’m adding iOS support to an Ember application which uses Flame.js. Most Flame.js widgets don’t have built-in support for touch events at the moment, so I’m working on adding it to the ones I need. I’ve got touchStart and touchEnd working just fine for clicking and certain state transitions. However, touchMove has been a mess […]