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Tag: animation

updating SVG animateMotion path using JavaScript

I try changing an SVG motion path according to a html select value using JS. The path updates as expected, but the element, which uses the path as a motion path continues to move along the original path. What am I missing? Answer As Danny mentioned in his answer the mpath is using the untransformed path. If you need it

Bug using keyframes on bootstrap progress bar

I’m trying to animate a Bootstrap 5 progress bar when my page loads. This seems to work, but on the other hand it overrides the basic bootstrap animation. Here is a snippet to view the problem I am having. When you load the page, the progress bar goes from 0% to 20% and the animation no longer works… When

Tailwind animation plays twice when changing pages in Next.js?

I’m using react-hot-toast to show alerts & animate it while changing pages. The animation plays fades in twice when page changes. I’m using tailwindcss-animate in my tailwind.config.js to add animation classes. I’m only using 4 animation classes: animate-in, animate-out, fade-in, & fade-out I am animating a custom Success alert box. Success.tsx If you click the link in the demo below,

Animation in CSS/JS

What links would I need to have this animation work properly on any other IDE’s? Does anyone know? The animation works fine here: But if I were to use it on any other IDE, then what header links would I need for it? It does not seem to also work here, since WOW is not defined, but this is