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How do I make this array of objects ‘spring’ into random positions on the canvas?

I’m trying to make an array of images ‘spring’ onto the canvas from the bottom of the screen and then land in random positions, like this image here:enter image description here (this is a screenshot of my canvas after you remove the physics) Here is my attempt so far: I like the animation of the spring that i’ve managed,

Can’t access the class variables from a event handler

I am making a web application for arranging seats, and I have written these codes: However, console.log(seatContainerConector); just gives me back undefined. I have tried to delete const seatContainerConector = this.seatContainer; and use console.log(this.seatContainer); instead, but it didn’t work. How can I solve this? Answer Your code is hard to debug since you leave out some essential elements, like new

Main Getter for a Javascript class

So i want to create a class and add a getter to return something when getting the entire instance instead of a getter on one of the children. example: So the above is what i want to achieve, but i am unable to and struggling to find something online like this, unsure if it is possible or my wording is

Why declare/initialize a same property both inside and outside of constructor?

From Classes on mdn web docs: Public field declarations Aren’t the height and width outside of the constructor meaningless since they’re always overwritten in the constructor? What’s the significance of the height and width declaration/initialization outside of constructor in this case? Are they used/reachable by any means? Answer The properties are only declared once (outside the constructor); if you didn’t

Different behavior when extend natives class with constructor and passing arguments to super

Different behavior calling a constructor and without calling it, when creating an instance of an inherited class: 1Case when I pass constructor: 2Case when it happens automatically There are different behavior Please tell me what is the difference, and why is this behavior observed? Answer In a subclass, the default constructor the JavaScript engine will supply if you don’t provide