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Tag: boolean

Filtering boolean and returning parent title

I need to chains.fitler(x=>x.inStock) bool statement then return the specific key, i also want to add conditions to return all if none are true. EX: key1, key5 | inStock:true return key1,key5 Answer Not 100% sure how you want the input and output to be but you should get a bit closer with this implementation:

Using maps over template literals

so I need to print a boolean value if the given string contains [[placeholder:var3]] but the var3 will be dynamically fed from an array as belwo: I tried using map around the template literals but it is throwing me an error also tried like above eg but it checks only first value of the array, so can someone please help

JS generate random boolean

Simple question, but I’m interested in the nuances here. I’m generating random booleans using the following method I came up with myself: const rand = Boolean(Math.round(Math.random())); Whenever …