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Tag: debugging

Phaser 3: Show Interactable area

The game I’m creating doesn’t require any physics, however you are able to interact when hovering over/clicking on the sprite by using sprite.setInteractive({cursor: “pointer”});, sprite.on(‘pointermove’, function(activePointer) {…}); and similar. I ran into some issues with the interactive area and wanted to debug it by showing the “area” that is interactable. However I could only find ways to do that that

Why won’t my simple get request with axios return what the controller’s returning?

I’m learning Laravel with React.js but I can’t figure out why my simple get request won’t work. I get a 404 error. I’ve seen a similar question asked on SO and I’ve tried running composer require barryvdh/laravel-cors on the command line but it still doesn’t work. How can I rectify this? Here’s react code: Here’s api.php Here’s MailController.php Answer your

Debugging Sanity exec with VS Code

I’m using Sanity ( headless CMS) and doing some data migration with the CLI. How do I (or, is it at all possible) to some how attach the vscode debugger and stop at breakpoints in migration scripts. I’m running the following cli migration script: sanity exec migrate.js –with-user-token. I would like to stop at breakpoints in migrate.js? I’ve managed debugging